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Shifting Safely to Online Learning Means Investing in Cyber

September 2, 2020

As schools embark on a year of virtual or hybrid learning, hackers are seeking to exploit weaknesses in systems largely unprepared to fend off attacks. As Daniel Castro writes in a column for GovTech, states must dedicate money and resources to ensure students can learn in a secure environment.

Some of the changes will require investments in new technology, such as replacing outdated devices and enabling single sign-on and two-factor authentication (such as facial recognition or tokens) so students and teachers can log on to e-learning applications more easily and securely. And some of these changes will require investments in more training and support for teachers, staff and students to learn and practice good cyberhygiene. Importantly, these efforts should equip schools with the resources to address emerging issues such as online bullying, hate speech and misinformation to ensure students are as safe in a virtual classroom as they are in a traditional one.

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