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Response to the European Commission’s Inception Impact Assessment “Legislative Framework for the Governance of Common European Data Spaces”

The Center for Data Innovation submitted feedback to the European Commission’s roadmap titled “Legislative framework for the governance of common European data spaces.”

The European Commission published a data strategy in February 2020 with the goal of creating a single market for data. As part of that vision, the Commission has proposed creating “European data spaces” with clear and consistent rules across member states for access and use of data in key sectors of the economy. To that end, the Commission has invited feedback on its initial plans to propose a legislative framework that would 1) increase access to publicly held data; 2) support voluntary data sharing by individuals and organizations; 3) developing technical standards and promoting interoperability to lower the cost of data sharing; and 4) support data intermediaries to share data between different stakeholders.

In this submission, we provide feedback on the policy options described for each of these four goals.

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