Building Blocks for an Indo-U.S. Innovation Alliance—A U.S. Perspective

Nigel Cory July 9, 2020
July 9, 2020

A natural U.S.-India innovation partnership exists, but much more needs to happen to turn this into an alliance that both countries and their firms can rely for a sustainable future. As Nigel Cory writes in a policy note for CUTS International, one key component is around intellectual property (IP). In many ways, IP is already central to the U.S.-India trade and innovation relationship given the way their respective firms, people, knowledge, capital, and services complement each other in developing new goods and services for domestic and global production networks and markets.

Yet, the two sides are more defined by their conflicts over IP. While a new bilateral MOU on IP was sidelined due to the failure to resolve broader trade talks, both sides should re-double efforts to work on IP issues as part of an effort to build an Indo-U.S. innovation alliance.