Fact of the Week: 27 Percent of Inventors Who Have Earned AI Patents Have Also Published AI Papers, Nearly Three Times Higher Than Average

Caleb Foote May 4, 2020
May 4, 2020

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Source: Kazuyuki Motohashi, “Science and Technology Co-evolution in AI: Empirical understanding through a linked dataset of scientific articles and patents,” RIETI Discussion Paper Series 20-E-010, February 2020.

Commentary: Artificial intelligence (AI) is widely considered to have the potential to dramatically re-shape industries throughout the economy, which creates incentives for companies to conceal their research. Despite this, a new study posits that AI science and technology are deeply linked, with academic papers spurring industrial applications and vice versa. The study finds that 27 percent of AI patents have been invented by someone who also has published an academic AI paper, compared to less than 10 percent for all patents, and that AI patents with an author receive significantly more citations than other AI patents.