Letter to U.S. Senate Leaders Urging Floor Action on Clean Energy Innovation

Robert D. Atkinson January 28, 2020
January 28, 2020

Dear Senator McConnell and Senator Schumer:

On October 3, 2019, the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation (ITIF) joined a diverse nonpartisan and bipartisan group of organizations to urge that legislation that would accelerate clean-energy innovation be brought to the Senate floor. (See attached letter.) We write now to restate and reinforce our support for the full Senate to take action on this important matter as soon as practicable.

Accelerating clean energy innovation is vital to America’s national interests. It would strengthen our national security, improve our economic competitiveness, and contribute significantly to protecting the environment. The global energy paradigm is shifting, and the United States has an opportunity to lead the world in emerging products and services. But it will only succeed in doing so if federal policy is supportive.

As the attached priority list, which ITIF published on January 21, 2020, demonstrates, Chairman Murkowski and Ranking Member Manchin have done an excellent job of assembling a legislative package that has won bipartisan support in the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee. Authorizing committees in the House of Representatives have been moving a similar agenda, so there is a good prospect that Senate passage of a clean-energy innovation bill would yield legislation that would become a signature achievement of the 116th Congress.

We know many issues are competing for limited floor time. Clean-energy innovation deserves to be a priority. It advances key national objectives, is highly valued by the American public, and stands to win a substantial majority in both chambers.

Thank you for your consideration. We stand ready to support the legislative process going forward.


Robert D. Atkinson
President and Founder, Information Technology and Innovation Foundation