Fact of the Week: The Share of International Students Studying in the Top 25 OECD Countries Dropped From 88 Percent in 1999 to 67 Percent in 2015

Caleb Foote June 17, 2019
June 17, 2019

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Source: Neeraj Kaushal and Mauro Lanati, “International Student Mobility: Growth and Dispersion,” NBER Working Paper No. 25921, June 2019.

Commentary: Student mobility has increased dramatically in recent years with 4.1 million students studying internationally in 2015, more than triple the 1.3 million international students in 1999. New research shows that these students are now far less concentrated in developed nations. The United States has fallen from hosting about a third of international students to less than a quarter during this period, while the top 25 OECD countries have seen their share of students fall from 88 percent to 67 percent. This diversity reflects the increasing quality of universities in many emerging economies.