ITIF Welcomes White House Order to Improve Workforce Training

July 19, 2018

WASHINGTON—The Information Technology and Innovation Foundation (ITIF), the top-ranked science and tech policy think tank, today welcomed a new White House executive order to develop a national workforce strategy. ITIF released the following statement from its president, Robert D. Atkinson:

Technology is driving growth and opportunity in the new economy, but many Americans are worried about its impact on their jobs and employment prospects. Rather than slow the pace of progress, policymakers should do more to help those who are displaced successfully transition into new jobs and occupations. The executive order that the White House announced today gives needed attention to improving the way we train people for the jobs of tomorrow and rightly emphasizes the role that data and information sharing can play. More can and should be done to reduce employment risks, but supporting innovation and workforce training will ensure a growing standard of living for workers.

ITIF released a report in February offering a detailed policy action plan to support better workforce-training and adjustment for an era of technological change. The plan focuses on four key factors that are important in reducing the costs of worker dislocation:

  • Supporting full employment, nationally and regionally, not just with macro-economic stabilization policies but also with robust regional economic development policies;
  • Ensuring as many workers as possible have needed education and skills in the event they lose their jobs;
  • Reducing the risk of income loss and other financial hardships when workers are laid off; and
  • Providing better transition assistance to help laid off workers find new employment.