ITIF Launches Center for Clean Energy Innovation

February 27, 2014

WASHINGTON (February 27, 2014) - Energy innovation in low-carbon technology is central to addressing global climate change, increasing economic growth, and eliminating energy poverty. Yet spurring energy innovation takes more than basic science, a carbon price, and "garage tinkerers." It requires forward thinking government policies and large and consistent public investments that can spur development of next generation alternatives that people around the world will want to adopt.

To better educate state, national and international policymakers regarding the importance of energy innovation in addressing climate change, the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation (ITIF) has established the Center for Clean Energy Innovation (CCEI). The center seeks to present energy innovation as an alternative to mainstream climate change solutions that often fail to acknowledge the necessity of innovation in lowering global carbon emissions. It will be the first Washington D.C.-based think tank to focus exclusively on energy innovation policy.

"The development of cheap, clean energy is the central challenge of the 21st century," notes Matthew Stepp, Executive Director of the Center for Clean Energy Innovation. "However, to accomplish this goal it is critical that we start taking energy innovation challenges seriously and make it a top policy priority in the United States and abroad."
To achieve these goals, CCEI will design, advocate for, and advance cutting edge energy innovation policies that will help make clean energy a reality for all. The center will focus on state, national and international policy, providing necessary data and information to policymakers, while helping to close the gaps in the energy innovation ecosystem that exist between levels of government and the public and private sectors. Specific topic areas CCEI will cover include energy RD&D policy, smart deployment, clean technology trade policy, STEM education and training, and advanced manufacturing.

CCEI will release its first major policy report in March and is planning a series of events to engage American and global policymakers over the next six months. The center will also produce a free monthly newsletter to provide leaders in business, government, and the non-profit sector with access to the latest information on energy innovation policy.

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