Top Washington D.C. Clean Energy Policy Stories from 2013

Matthew Stepp December 23, 2013
December 23, 2013

U.S. clean energy policy was as caught up in Washington gridlock as most other issue areas in 2013. No climate-saving clean tech bill passed through Congress and even modest, bi-partisan energy efficiency legislation failed to get to the President’s desk. In fact, 2013 will largely be known for energy policy actions that didn’t happen – a sort of 365 day buffer period until bigger decisions are made in years to come.

With that said, while Washington D.C. policymakers chose not to act on anything energy-related, that doesn’t mean under-the-radar policy maneuvering wasn’t taking place, which could have significant impacts in the future. With that, here are my top Washington, D.C. clean energy policy stories of 2013.