The Quiet Energy Innovation Revolution: An Interview with the Department of Energy’s Dave Danielson

Matthew Stepp June 25, 2013
June 25, 2013

To most people outside of the Washington bubble, federal policymakers are stuck in agonizing gridlock and a perpetual debate on cutting the budget. For energy and climate change policy, the view must seem even more dire because of a prolonged debate on the Keystone pipeline, controversy over failed government investments in clean energy companies, and little to any talk of new energy legislation in 2013 (or beyond).

This view misses relatively quiet efforts to reform the Department of Energy. This quiet energy innovation revolution is changing how the United States invests in next-generation clean energy research. To take a deeper dive into these changes, I recently sat down with Assistant Secretary of Energy David Danielson in an interview for my new regular column “The Capitol Energy Report” here at

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