ARPA-E’s Lessons Learned: Talking Energy Innovation with ARPA-E’s Cheryl Martin

Matthew Stepp March 22, 2013
March 22, 2013

Dr. Cheryl Martin is the Deputy Director of ARPA-E, the federal government’s premier program for investing in high-risk, high-reward energy research and development. She’s the heir apparent to Arun Majumdar, the first Director of ARPA-E who departed last year after helping spin-up the program and bring it to national prominence. She assumes leadership less than four years into ARPA-E’s existence at an inflection point for the program as well as U.S. climate and energy policy. On one hand, government investments in energy innovation are declining and gridlock makes crafting a new comprehensive national energy policy a pipedream. On the other hand, ARPA-E recently hosted its fourth widely attended Energy Innovation Summit, a number of early investments are starting to show signs of success, and its bipartisan support continues to grow. It’s one of the few bright spots in an increasingly contentious energy policy debate. In the first part of a multi-part series, Senior Policy Analyst Matthew Stepp sits down with Deputy Director of ARPA-E Cheryl Martin to talk about her unique take on ARPA-E, its potential legacies, and the evolving U.S. energy innovation ecosystem.