Hill Briefing: Top Industry Analysts Untangle E-Commerce, Internet Tax Proposals

March 15, 2013

WASHINGTON (March 15, 2013) - At least four different tax proposals are either in Congress or about to be introduced that would reduce tax discrimination in the e-commerce, telecom and Internet space. While the bills may sound similar, they have very different intents and outcomes, and all could have a significant effect on consumers and businesses.

In an effort to provide a better understanding of these proposals and their impact on future policy, the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation (ITIF) and the Institute for Policy Innovation (IPI) are hosting the lunch briefing "Internet Tax Policy for Beginners (And Experts)" on Tuesday, March 19 from 12:00 PM to 1:30 PM in the Rayburn House Office Building, room 2325, on Capitol Hill.

"The Internet and telecommunications are both subject to a variety of taxes at different levels of government and there have been numerous calls over the years to streamline the process and increase tax fairness, which have led to the proposals now under consideration," notes Rob Atkinson, President of ITIF. "Through this event, leading experts in the field will provide a deeper understanding of these potential reforms and the Internet tax system as a whole."

"In this environment, where both state and federal governments are greedy for new sources of revenue, it's critical that policymakers understand these proposals, as well as both their intended and possible unintended consequences," adds Bartlett Cleland, Policy Counsel for IPI.

Participants include Brian Bieron, Senior Director of Federal Affairs at eBay, Inc. and Joe Crosby, principal at MultiState Associates who will examine the Main Street Fairness Act. In addition, Jot Carpenter, Vice President of Government Affairs at CTIA, will decode the Wireless Tax Fairness Act. The briefing will also feature Annabelle Canning of Capitol Tax Partners, on the Internet tax moratorium, Maggi Lazarus of the Law Office of John T. O'Rourke, on the Business Activity Tax (BAT), and NetChoice Executive Director Steve DelBianco, on taxing digital downloads.

For more information about the event and to register, visit: http://www.itif.org/events/internet-tax-policy-beginners-and-experts


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