Testimony Before the House Science Committee on the Impact of Forced Technology Transfer

Robert D. Atkinson December 5, 2012
December 5, 2012

The reality is that forced technology transfer is enabling China and other nations to gain global market share. But even if this does not succeed in transforming the Chinese economy into an innovation-based one, forced technology transfer polices do considerable harm to U.S. technology companies and to the U.S. economy, if for no other reason than reducing their profits and ability to reinvest in the next wave of innovation. The United States needs to pursue a two-pronged trade strategy, continuing as best it can to improve conventional trade organizations like the WTO, but also creating alternative “play-by-the-rules” clubs of like-minded countries. Pressured or mandatory technology transfer by other nations has, is, and will continue to negatively impact American R&D and innovation capabilities. It’s time for the federal government to step up its actions to fight this corrosive mercantilist practice.