ITIF Releases “50 Ideas to Make Voting More Accessible”

October 31, 2012

WASHINGTON (October 31, 2012) - The Information Technology and Innovation Foundation (ITIF) today released a report detailing fifty actionable ideas to make voting more accessible for all Americans, including voters with disabilities.

The report is in the form of an easily digestible list, complete with illustrations, that clearly demonstrates where there are opportunities to improve elections. From simple ideas like a “Yelp” for voting places and virtual “I voted” stickers to more complex ones like using voting kiosks in long-term care facilities and allowing voters to mark ballots before coming to the polling place, the report presents an array of ideas to bring voting into the 21st century. Many of these ideas are the result of a public design challenge held in partnership with OpenIDEO around the question, “How might we design an accessible election experience for everyone?”

The ideas suggested in this report include both small fixes that can be quickly implemented and big ideas that would require greater change. Some of the ideas in the report have already been implemented in a few elections and represent emerging best practices, while others are still in the early design phase and leave room for more innovation.

ITIF Senior Analyst Daniel Castro, who spearheads ITIF’s work on accessibility and voting said, “We’re proud to present this collection of ideas. As Election Day approaches, it should be of great interest to policymakers and the public to learn how elections can be improved to enable all eligible voters to vote more easily.”

Castro continued, “Our hope is that these ideas will spur others to continue to innovate and pursue new ways of making elections more convenient and accessible for all Americans citizens who are eligible to vote.” 

This work is part of a grant ITIF received from the U.S. Election Assistance Commission (EAC) to improve the accessibility of elections for voters with disabilities.



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