2012 TPRC: 40th Research Conference on Communication, Information and Internet Policy

September 21, 2012

Rob Atkinson will present on the panel "A Comparison of National Broadband Strategies in Developed and Developing Countries: Perspectives, Challenges and Lessons." To mark the 40th anniversary of the first TPRC Conference in 1972, this Panel will bring together experts from TPRC and sister regional research organizations, like LIRNEasia, EuroCPR, DIRSI and Research ICT Africa!, to examine the topical issue of National Broadband Strategies from their different contexts and viewpoints. The panel will focus on a comparison and assessment of broadband strategies, a topic of continuing interest, and explore the possibilities and limitations of learning from other nations’ and regions’ experiences. A dialogue between the policymakers and the researchers may also help to develop the outline of a medium term Policy Research Agenda, covering identified current and future issues which will require further work.