Testimony to House Energy and Commerce Committee on American Manufacturing

Much of the debate around U.S. manufacturing is problematic because the core data on manufacturing output and productivity are flawed. The reality is:

  • A large share of manufacturing jobs was lost in the last decade because the United States lost its competitive edge for manufacturing. 
  • The loss was unprecedented, and it continues to severely impact the overall U.S. economy. 
  • Regaining U.S. manufacturing competitiveness to the point where America runs a trade surplus in manufacturing products is critical to restoring U.S. economic vibrancy.
  • Regaining manufacturing competitiveness will create millions of higher-than-average-wage manufacturing jobs and an even greater number of jobs from the multiplier effect in other sectors of the economy. 
  • The United States can restore manufacturing competitiveness and balance manufacturing goods trade within less than a decade if it adopts the right set of policies in what can be termed the “four T’s” (tax, trade, talent, and technology).