Relieving the LTE Spectrum Crunch

Richard Bennett February 22, 2012
February 22, 2012

We’re already spectrum-limited in cities such as New York and San Francisco that are challenging to cover, and LTE apps will ultimately catch up with the supply of bandwidth. The U. S. lags our competitors in total spectrum available for commercial use because our government users have larger appetites. Congress had the opportunity to transfer as much as 200 MHz to auction in its recent spectrum auction authorization bill, but backed down to a figure that will most likely come out in the 50-60 MHz range.

With these technical and political facts at work, it’s unacceptable to allow these 122 licenses to go to waste. The FCC has tools to examine spectrum concentration known as “spectrum screens” that should be applied to the transaction. We believe that conscientious examination will show that the transaction is in the public interest and should go forward.