The State of U.S. Energy Innovation Policy

Matthew Stepp January 31, 2012
January 31, 2012

As part of EUEC 2012, Clean Energy Policy Analyst Matt Stepp will present on the state of energy innovation policy. As stimulus funds dry up, budget austerity measures cut vital energy innovation programs, and many foreign mercantilist and domestic subsidy programs potentially drive investments away from next-generation innovations new U.S. policy aimed at continuing industry growth is stifled by federal gridlock. In absence of new innovation policies aimed at making the unsubsidized cost of clean energy competitive with fossil fuels, widespread substitution of clean energy for fossil fuels becomes increasingly difficult. To build off of these modest successes, advocates and policymakers must take a hard look at reorienting existing energy policies such as reforming U.S. tax incentives, subsidies, and institutions towards driving innovation to leverage existing, but limited public resources.