Piracy and Malware: Two Parts of a Single Problem

January 9, 2012

Some people think it is OK to crack down on truly online heinous online criminals (child pornographers, cyberterrorists and the like) but take a buyer-beware attitude with other online crime, notably IP theft. Are a few singers or movie makers worth destroying the Internet? But that view point is not only cavalier about IP theft but it also wrongly assumes the Internet ecosystem is made up a of tidy compartments. In Piracy and Malware: Two Parts of a Single Problem, ITIF Senior Research Fellow Richard Bennett explains there is a significant overlap between sites trafficking in IP theft and those trafficking in malware. Legislation aimed at rogue foreign sites, the Stop Online Privacy Act, while not a complete solution, does at least recognize that IP and malware are connected and the cost of IP-related crime to the U.S. economy and the security of consumers warrants action.