Flowers and Pollen and Genes, Oh, My!

Val Giddings October 14, 2011
October 14, 2011
"Coexistence" between biotech and organic agriculture is not difficult to achieve.Some ill-considered proposals for a "compensation" scheme would create far more problems than they would solve.

In a featured article for Food Chemical News, Senior Fellow Val Giddings argues the claims by organic growers that they are harmed by pollen from nearby biotech crops are not valid. The facts show that biotech crops are safer and more environmentally friendly than organic crops, and any "injuries" suffered by organic farmers are entirely self-inflicted, caused by their own foolish promises to some customers. It appears some organic growers are more interested in putting biotech growers out of business than in "co-existence" which farmers growing different crop varieties have been doing very successfully for many years.