ITIF Welcomes Copyright Alert System

July 7, 2011

WASHINGTON, D.C. - Statement by Information Technology and Innovation Foundation President Rob Atkinson on the Copyright Alert System announced today by Internet Service Providers and creators of movies, music, and other content susceptible to unlawful downloading and use.

"ITIF is pleased to see the announcement of the Copyright Alert System, which relies on education and cooperation to inform Internet subscribers about peer-to-peer copyright infringement. As ITIF’s report Steal These Policies: Strategies for Reducing Digital Privacy clearly demonstrated, digital piracy is a serious and widespread problem negatively affecting the Internet ecosystem. ISP warning programs like the one announced today can have a significant impact on reducing illegal digital content piracy and as such, can better enable the continued robust production of high quality digital content.”

The Center for Copyright Information is a new information source established jointly by the film, music, and television industries, in partnership with Internet Service Providers (ISPs) dedicated to educating the public about copyright infringement and stopping online theft. The alert system will let subscribers know when their accounts have been identified as being used for content theft. The Center will help consumers understand the difference between lawful and unlawful online downloading and file sharing, inform them about the importance of copyrights and provide information about lawful ways to obtain music, movies and other content.


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