Three Energy Assumptions the FY2012 Budget Resolution Gets Wrong

The House Budget Committee’s proposed FY2012 budget resolution, has already inspired substantial debate and reaction. On the clean energy front, we’re hoping they’ll do better: the current proposal is essentially the same short-sighted approach to policy that has ruled the day for 40 years. That is something we can longer afford. The resolution proposes sharp reductions in clean energy technology investment and expansion of oil and gas exploration, all of which would do nothing but set the nation back on clean energy competitiveness, gut innovative capacity, and further lock in old, dirty energy industries.

There’s responsible investment and fiscal management, and then there’s throwing the baby out with the bathwater. The trick is to know the difference, and make the kinds of cuts we have to make without also cutting those pieces that are germane to long-term growth, competitiveness, and innovation. This proposal doesn’t make that distinction, instead falling back on tired assumptions.