Lean, Mean and Clean: Energy Innovation and the Department of Defense

Matt Hourihan Matthew Stepp March 31, 2011
March 31, 2011
ITIF reviews the indispensable role of public investment and public-private partnerships in fostering energy innovation at the DOD.

There are many obvious sources of clean energy innovation. But lately the clean energy community has begun paying attention to one not-so-obvious source: the Department of Defense. With a massive energy footprint and a mission-driven need to reduce fossil energy consumption, DOD can play a prime role accelerating cleantech development and is already seeking to become a test bed for innovative technologies. At stake is not national security but also economic security. In a report unveiled at an event March 31 on Capitol Hill with lawmakers, DOD officials and industry leaders, ITIF provides a comprehensive review of the important energy innovation activities at DOD and lays out the indispensible role of public investment and public-private partnerships to spur transformational technologies. The event was sponsored by ITIF, the Information Technology Industry Council, and the Digital Energy Solutions Campaign.