No, COICA Will Not Break the Internet

January 18, 2011

Since last year, the issue of online piracy has not abated and the opposition to Sen. Leahy's proposed legislation--the Combating Online Infringement and Counterfeits Act (COICA)--remains as heated as ever. Last fall, Daniel Castro wrote an article that summarized criticism of the bill and provided a rebuttal to those arguments. Since COICA draws heavily on ideas proposed by ITIF in the report, Steal These Policies: Strategies for Reducing Digital Piracy, Castro, in a two-part blog series, responds again to some of these concerns. In this post, he dives deeper into the two main objections to COICA: 1) that it will break the underlying technical foundations of the Internet, and 2) that it is a direct threat to and contradiction of the United States' commitment to global Internet freedom.