Future of Privacy Forum to Host Expert Panel: “Do Not Track” Demystified

Daniel Castro December 1, 2010
December 1, 2010

On Wednesday, December 1, 2010, ITIF Senior Analyst Daniel Castro will be participating at an event entitled "Do Not Track" Demystified: The technological possibilities and the roles of business and government in helping consumers manage online tracking. The event is hosted by the Future of Privacy Forum and will be held between 2:00 PM and 4:00 PM at the National Press Club. The event comes on the eve of a Congressional hearing to examine the need and feasibility of a federal law to control the tracking of consumers’ online activity for marketing and analytic purposes. This program will examine the role of technology in empowering consumers to control online tracking and whether there is a need for a new legal framework. Other panelists will include Jules Polonetsky (Future of Privacy Forum Co-Chair), Christopher Wolf (Future of Privacy Co-Chair), Chris Soghoian (Indiana University), Erica Newland (Center for Democracy & Technology), Sid Stamm (Mozilla Firefox), Arvind Narayanan (Stanford University), Adam Lehman (Lotame Solutions) and Michelle De Mooy (Consumer Action).