ITIF Launches Innovation Policy Blog

October 27, 2010

ITIF has launched a new blog ( that features centrist thinking and practical ideas about innovation’s central role in our economic, social and political future.

While there is an abundance of blogs, the blogosphere, unfortunately, reflects or even feeds the country’s polarization on virtually all policy matters. Many sites merely showcase partisan, predictable, and even extreme positions. In the marketplace of ideas, too many of us have become comfortable shopping at one store and rarely explore other options. The result is calcified positions and stalemate in Washington even as the problems we face grow more serious every day. We need to change this dynamic or risk heading downhill for good.

That is where the Innovation Policy Blog comes in. The IPB is a place where today’s best thinkers offer ideas on how to stoke and capture the innovations that will lead to new inventions, new business models, new jobs, and new prosperity. Proudly centrist and non-partisan, we have only one ideological passion: support for more innovation. Innovation is the key to success in nearly all endeavors, from the economy to education to energy to transportation and it needs to be at the center of economic policy.

At the IPB you will find smart, creative but pragmatic thinking. IPB bloggers rise above branding either Washington or big business as evil. We like the private sector. Businesses big and small have no match in coming up with solutions and good ideas. Business deserves smarter policies to create new products, services, and jobs. We like government too. Survey the world and you will find government policies that have worked wonders. Innovation policy, just as innovation itself, is all about adopting what works and casting aside what doesn’t. It is not about finding just the right set of facts–or the just the right blog–to support your view of the world. When economic thinking is no longer supported by facts, it needs to change.

The goal of the IPB is to be a place for individuals from across the country and around the world to learn about practical ways of thinking about innovation and long-term economic growth and how to apply that thinking in tangible ways. Legislative aides, administration officials, representatives for companies or unions, scholars, journalists, and individuals who care about practical ways to inject dynamism and vitality in the economy are invited to join the conversation.

We invite comments and debates. We look forward to stirring new thinking and contributing to the creation and adoption of new policies for the innovation economy.

Visit the IPB at