Policy Impact Forum - The 25th Anniversary of .com

Robert D. Atkinson March 16, 2010
March 16, 2010

The “dot-com” is 25! In a fast quarter century, the Internet has transformed our lives, revolutionized commerce, and changed forever how we debate politics and make policy. Most of us can hardly remember a time when the Internet was not part of daily life and a whole generation has grown up barely able to conceive a pre-.com world. Yet, just 15 years ago, there were only 18,000 website compared with the estimated quarter billion sites today. As the entire human experience continues to migrate on line, the 25th anniversary of the .com is provides a great opportunity to explore what these historic changes mean for us as individual consumers and citizens and as a community.

ITIF President Rob Atkinson will join former President Bill Clinton, Fareed Zakaria, Former FCC Chairman Reed Hunt, Arianna Huffington and others at an event in Washington on March 16th from 9:30am to 1:30pm at the Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center to discuss these issues. On that occasion ITIF will release a new report explaining how the dot-com economy has been, and will likely continue to be, one of the principal drivers of economic growth and quality of life throughout the globe.

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