U.S. Continues to Tread Water in Global Broadband Adoption

This web-memo analyzes U.S. broadband performance compared to other nations and argues that the traditional excuses for poor U.S. performance do not hold.

According to new statistics from the OECD, the United States remains in the middle of the pack among OECD nations in broadband telecommunications adoption. In their semi-annual survey of broadband subscribership, the OECD found that from June 2005 to December 2005, broadband subscribership in the U.S. increased 2.3 percentage points, from 14.4 percent of the population to 16.8 percent, about the same rate of growth as the OECD overall. When OECD first collected this data in 2000, the United States ranked 4th among the 30 nations surveyed, behind Korea, Sweden and Canada. Now, we are 12th, with our rank unchanged from December 2004.