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Whitney Quesenbery

Whitney Quesenbery


Center for Civic Design

Whitney is the co-director of the Center for Civic Design, which wants every interaction that any citizen has with government to be an easy, effective experience. Their current work includes projects with the Future of California Elections (funded by the James Irvine Foundation), continuing work to develop new Field Guides to Ensuring Voter Intent (funded by the MacArthur Foundation), and further development of the Anywhere Ballot. She served on two Federal advisory committees, or the U.S. Elections Assistance Commission writing the Voluntary Voting System Guidelines (VVSG), and work on the Section 508 accessibility requirements refresh for the U.S. Access Board. She is the co-author of the Brennan Center for Justice’ influential Better Ballots (2008) and Better Design: Better Elections(2012). She has written three books to help practitioners keep users in mind throughout the creative process: Storytelling for User Experience and A Web for Everyone (Rosenfeld Media) and Global UX (MKP/Elsevier). She is the coordinator for the Accessible Voting Technology Initiative.

Recent Events and Presentations

May 14, 2014

Innovations in Elections: Making Voting Accessible for Everyone

ITIF will host a discussion of new technologies, practices, and policies that can help make elections more accessible for everyone.

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