Tom Reed

Tom Reed
Representative (NY-23)
U.S. Congress

Since first being elected to represent our region in November 2010, Congressman Tom Reed has led the charge in Washington for the people of the Southern Tier, the Finger Lakes region and Western New York.  Tom is focused on being accessible to the people that call New York’s 23rd Congressional District home and being an agent of change in Washington. 

Tom remains committed to fighting for job creation by tackling our national debt, reducing burdensome regulations on small businesses – our country’s drivers of private-sector job growth – reforming the tax code to make it competitive simple and fair, bolstering our domestic manufacturing industry and developing an “all-of-the-above” comprehensive energy policy to end our dependence on Middle Eastern crude oil. As co-chair of the Manufacturing Caucus, Tom has a unique opportunity to achieve these objectives.

Tom currently serves on the Committee on Ways and Means, which is responsible for addressing issues of tax policy, trade and Human Resources. He lives in Corning with his wife Jean, and their two children, Autumn and Will. 


Recent Events and Presentations

December 18, 2019

ITIF hosted a briefing and released a new report on using tax incentives to drive clean energy innovation.

January 31, 2017

Please join ITIF for a panel of experts to discuss important questions related to America’s manufacturing strategy for the new administration and Congress.