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Suk-Gwon Chang


Professor of MIS and Telecommunications

School of Business, Hanyang University, Korea

Suk-Gwon Chang is a professor of MIS and Telecommunications at the School of Business, Hanyang University, Korea. His research interest is focused on national ICT policy, socio-economic justification of ICT investments, IT-based competition strategy, and digital convergence business models. He founded research forums in the areas of telecommunications management, IT strategies and digital convergence policies, and coauthored two books, Internet Industry Analysis (HYU Press, 2002) and Digital Convergence Strategy (Kyobo Book, 2005). He also published numerous academic papers in IEEE Transactions on Communications, Telecommunication Systems, Telecommunications Policy, Information Economics and Policy, Operations Research, Decision Support Systems, Journal of Knowledge Management, etc and more than 28 research reports.

Suk-Gwon has served as editor-in-chief and associate editor in many academic journals including Telecommunication Systems, Korean Telecommunication Policy Review, Journal of the KORMS society, Telecommunications Review, and Journal of the MIS Research. He founded in 2004 Digital Convergence Research, a non-profit research institute which specializes in digital ecosystem researches on ICT policy and strategies, and has consulted World Economic Forum, Ministry of Information and Communication (MIC) of Korean Government, and many local telecom, IT and media companies. He also serves as a member of the telecommunications policy advisory board at MIC. He received his Ph.D. in management science from the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) in 1984.

Recent Publications

December 5, 2011

Innovation, Trade, and Technology Policies in Asia-Pacific Economies: A Scorecard

A scorecard ranking APEC economies on their innovation-based policies to spur competitiveness and growth.

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