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Simon Tripp


Principal and Senior Director

TEConomy Partners

Simon is highly valued and sought after for his expertise in research methods, analytical insight, strategic thinking, and broad knowledge of diverse fields of science and technology.

For more than 30 years, Simon has built and maintained a blue chip client base comprising state and national governments, major research universities, academic health centers, Fortune 500 and entrepreneurial businesses, and a diversity of well-known non-profit and association clients.

Simon joined TEConomy Partners from our forerunner organization, the Battelle Technology Partnership Practice, where he was senior director for seven years. Prior to joining Battelle, Simon was an owner and principal in two specialized research firms, Impact Economics LP and Tripp, Umbach & Associates, Inc. In addition to working on projects in most U.S. states, Simon has performed multiple international assignments, including projects in Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Burkina Faso, Japan, Jordan, Indonesia, Mali, Niger, Turkey and the United Kingdom. He is a frequent speaker on technology-based economic development and impact analysis topics.

Simon has an M.A. in Geography from West Virginia University and a B.A. in Geography from the University of Portsmouth in the United Kingdom.

Recent Events and Presentations

April 27, 2022

Innovation and IP’s Role in Combatting the Covid-19 Pandemic

ITIF and the Center for Strategic and International Studies hosted two expert panels exploring how innovation and IP have proved to be instrumental in overcoming the COVID pandemic.

December 16, 2020

Lessons Learned From Global Life Sciences Ecosystems in the COVID-19 Pandemic

ITIF hosted a discussion on this critical issue. The event featured a keynote address by Simon Tripp of TEConomy Partners, author of the new report “Response and Resilience: Lessons Learned from Global Life Sciences Ecosystems in the COVID-19 Pandemic,” followed by an expert panel of respondents.

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