Scott Neuman

Scott Neuman
Manager, Regulatory & Policy Research

Scott Neuman is the Acting Director of Opower's regulatory policy & research team. Opower empowers millions of utility customers to better understand and reduce their energy usage through data-driven insights, including neighbor comparisons and personalized energy saving tips. Scott's team has been instrumental to Opower's success closing deals with eight of the ten largest utilities in the United States as well as developing the regulatory strategy that has led to widespread acceptance of behavioral-based efficiency programs. Scott is also working to expand Opower's reach into new markets and products. Prior to Opower, Scott was an engagement manager at McKinsey and a software engineer at various Silicon Valley startups. Scott received his BA in Economics from Stanford University and his law degree from Harvard Law School.

Recent Events

January 24, 2013

Data Innovation Day panel discussion highlighting interesting examples of how data innovation is transforming different sectors of the economy.