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Sasha Mackler


Director, Energy Project

Bipartisan Policy Center

Sasha Mackler directs the Energy Project at the BPC. Sasha has worked for more than two decades at the interface of energy policy and commercial markets. Prior to leading the BPC Energy Project, he spent nearly 10 years in the private sector, first as vice president of Summit Power Group’s carbon capture business and then overseeing market development activities for Enviva, the largest biomass fuel supplier to the global utility industry. His professional work has focused on the innovations necessary to scale emerging energy technologies along with developing the business models and policy frameworks that support the deployment of low carbon energy systems.

Earlier in his career, Sasha played a key role in BPC’s first project as the Research Director at the National Commission on Energy Policy which produced a comprehensive set of policy recommendations many of which were incorporated into the 2005 Energy Policy Act. He subsequently launched the BPC’s energy innovation portfolio, including the formation of the American Energy Innovation Council. Sasha has managed a number of energy policy projects on topics such as tax incentives, federal RD&D, finance, workforce transition, carbon capture & storage, low carbon fuels, cap & trade, climate impacts & adaptation, and geoengineering research. Prior to his work with NCEP, he was an analyst in the Clean Air Markets Division at the US Environmental Protection Agency.

Sasha holds both a Master of Science in Earth Resources Engineering and Master of Public Administration from Columbia University. He earned his Bachelor of Science in Geomechanical Engineering from the University of Rochester.

Recent Events and Presentations

October 30, 2019

China’s Impact on the Solar Industry: Lessons for the Future of Clean Energy

ITIF and the Bipartisan Policy Center held an expert panel exploring the history solar energy innovations, China's role and influence on solar's diffusion as a leading manufacturer of solar panels, and the future of clean energy innovation.

December 15, 2010

Energy Innovation 2010

ITIF and other leading policy think tanks host a day-long conference to ask the hard questions about energy technology policy and innovation in America.

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