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Pankaj K Phadnis

Pankaj K

Post Doctoral Fellow (ICTs for Transformation) and Managing Director

Abhinav Knowledge Services

Dr. Pankaj K. Phadnis is a leading practioner of Action Research into the transformational aspects of ICT (Information and Communication Technologies). For over two decades, he was involved in implementing cutting edge technologies (ERPs and Business Analytics) in corporate sector while working with Bayer AG, Fila spa, Bombay Dyeing. After a three year stint as the Chief Executive of 550 bed Children and Maternity Hospitals in Mumbai (Bombay) he switched his focus to bring about social transformation using ICTS through digital empowerment of people at the bottom of the pyramid. In the process, he developed an IT enabled strategic management system – KRPXG for universalization of education, an area which remains a priority for governments in Asia and Africa, while also completing a PhD. and Post Doctoral work. It is his firm belief that offering a structured IT enabled educational platform for collaborative project work on UN Millennium Development Goals to young generation unburdened by the ghost of past presents real but as yet untapped opportunity for reconciliation between presently antagonistic nations, India and Pakistan. He remains committed to exploring this hitherto unexplored potential of ICTs through his companies and a charitable trust which he co-founded in 2001. He is also author of several books that look at the troubled history of Indian subcontinent through different perspective which offers glimpses of hope of eradicating the curse of communalism in South Asia and thereby choke an important source of global terrorism.

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