Nicholas Vonortas

Nicholas Vonortas
Professor of Economics and International Affairs
George Washington University

Professor Vonortas received his BA in economics from Athens University (Greece), his MA in Economic Development from Leicester University (UK), and his M.Phil. and Ph.D. in Economics from New York University (US). He joined the Elliott School in 1990. He has a joint appointment with the Center for International Science and Technology Policy and the Department of Economics (Columbian School of Arts and Sciences). He specializes in the economics of technological change, science and technology policy, international transfer of technology, and inter-firm cooperation in research and development.

At the Elliott School, Vonortas offers graduate courses on comparative science and technology policy, the creation and diffusion of technological advances, and technology and international competitiveness. Selected recent publications include "Research Joint Ventures: A Critical Survey of Theoretical and Empirical Literature" in Journal of Economic Surveys (2003); "Strategic Research Partnerships: A Managerial Perspective" in Technology Analysis and Strategic Management (2003); and "Science and Technology Policies Towards Research Joint Ventures" in Science and Public Policy (2002).

Recent Events and Presentations

January 14, 2020

ITIF hosted an expert panel discussion featuring European Commission, Deputy Director-General for Research and Innovation, Signe Ratso, on the thinking and inspiration behind the European Innovation Council, how it will work in practice, and how it is expected to change the face of European innovation over the next decade.