Nancy Staisey

Nancy Staisey
Vice President for Smarter Cities North America

Nancy Staisey is a Vice President in IBM focusing on helping our Cities become “smarter”.

For over 20 years, Nancy has focused on delivering quality outcomes for consumers and by combining business insight and technology innovation. She joined IBM through the acquisition of PricewaterhouseCoopers Consulting Practice in 2002. On joining IBM, she was the Business Consulting Services leader for the successful launch of IBM’s On Demand Innovation Services, which enables clients to tap into IBM Research to solve tough problems.

Throughout her career she has focused on how data and information, combined with technology can improve the effectiveness and efficiency of government services. She has now turned attention to creating smarter cities that are healthier, safer, and more productive for residents.

She began her career as a health and life sciences consultant focusing on issues ranging from health care policy to the evaluation of health programs, such as home care services, and the assessment of hospital based interventions. She later headed the PricewaterhouseCoopers Federal Civilian Government Consulting Practice in the United States and has led and advised on business process outsourcing and ERP initiatives, working with both public sector and private sector entities. Nancy has spent the last eight years in Northern Europe as Managing Director and as Vice President Global Technology Services for Northeastern Europe. She returned to the US this year to lead IBM’s initiatives in North America to create Smarter Cities for consumers.

Originally from Pennsylvania, Nancy has worked with Fortune 500 clients as well as mid sized clients in the US, Canada, Europe, Asia, and Africa. A graduate of Norhwestern University, she completed her MA and PhD degrees at Carleton University in Canada, where she was a National Research and Development Scholar and Fellow. In 1996, she was named Krieger Wolf Distinguished Lecturer at Northwestern University. Married with two children, she currently resides in Delaware.


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