Matt Stanton

Matt Stanton
Vice President, Public Affairs/Corp. Social Responsibility
Beam Global Spirits & Wine

Matt Stanton is currently Vice-President of Public Affairs & Corporate Social Responsibility for Beam Global Spirits & Wine, Inc. In this position, he directs all social responsibility initiatives in the United States that support Beam Global’s position including reducing youth exposure to alcohol advertising, helping establish the National Center for DWI Courts, and forming additional innovative partnerships with non-profit groups that target the problems associated with alcohol misuse.

Matt has more than 14 years of experience in the public and private sector, representing elected officials, non-profit organizations, trade associations, and corporations. As a leader in public policy, he has a proven track record of breaking down traditional barriers that exist between disparate groups and facilitating consensus-based outcomes. As an expert in this field, Matt has often challenged conventional thinking in “ways of doing business in Washington,” providing those he has represented with innovative solutions to “traditional Washington” problems.

A native Washingtonian, Matt received his Bachelor’s Degree from the Catholic University of America and his law degree from American University’s Washington College of Law.

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