Manuela Veloso

Manuela Veloso
Herbert A. Simon Professor, Computer Science
Carnegie Mellon University

Manuela M. Veloso is the Herbert A. Simon University Professor in the Computer Science Department at Carnegie Mellon University. Professor Veloso researches in artificial intelligence and robotics, towards a long-term research goal of the effective construction of autonomous agents where cognition, perception, and action are combined to address planning, execution, and learning tasks. She founded and directs the CORAL research laboratory, for the study of autonomous agents that Collaborate, Observe, Reason, Act, and Learn, Professor Veloso is IEEE Fellow, AAAS Fellow, AAAI Fellow, and the past President of AAAI and RoboCup. Professor Veloso and her students have worked with a variety of autonomous robots, including mobile service robots and soccer robots. The CoBot service robots have autonomously navigated for more than 1,000km in multi-floor office buildings. As of 2015, she has graduated thirty two PhD students, whose theses are available at her website She thanks her students for the compelling research that they jointly pursue. See for further information, including publications.

Recent Events and Presentations

June 30, 2015

Join ITIF for a spirited discussion about the state of artificial intelligence, whether super intelligent computers will someday pose a threat to the human race, and how policymakers should respond to these ideas.