Lydia DePillis

Lydia DePillis
Senior Economics Writer

Lydia DePillis is a Senior Economics Writer for CNN. She covers the real economy in America, focusing on how statistics and policy play out in people's' lives.

DePillis joined CNN in 2017 from the same beat at the Houston Chronicle, where she wrote about everything from rice farmers to robot startups. Before that, she covered labor and the workplace at the Washington Post, technology at The New Republic, and real estate at the Washington City Paper.

DePillis is a native of Seattle and now lives in the other Washington.

Recent Events and Presentations

December 11, 2018

What should we make of large corporations today? Of all that can be said about large corporations—statistics, anecdotes, trend lines, and historical comparisons—which are the facts that matter most, and how should policymakers respond? Join ITIF for a spirited debate moderated by CNN's Lydia DePillis between ITIF President Robert Atkinson and Columbia University Law Professor Tim Wu on the role and influence of big business in today’s economy and society.