Kent Dicks

Kent Dicks
Chief Executive Officer
MedApps Inc.

Kent Dicks has over 25 years of successful entrepreneurial experience providing dynamic and strategic leadership in demanding environments of Information Technology, Engineering and Aerospace/Defense. Under Mr. Dicks leadership, MedApps has become widely acknowledged in the remote monitoring field by industry and government organizations alike.

In 2006, Mr. Dicks developed MedApps from concept to market leader, setting precedent in the field of mHealth (mobile health) today. Through the implementation of Mr. Dicks’ vision, MedApps has developed a comprehensive suite of remote health monitoring devices. MedApps product line is built on a strong regulatory foundation in order to deliver a cloud-based care solution, linking patients with their care providers and EHRs/PHRs. As Founder and CEO of MedApps, Mr. Dicks actively speaks on industry and government panels, discussing mHealth and wireless technology’s impact on healthcare.

Recent Events

September 14, 2010

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