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Josh Parker

Josh Parker

Senior Director, Corporate Sustainability


Josh Parker joined NVIDIA in 2023 to lead the company’s corporate sustainability program. Josh studied electrical engineering and spent several years practicing IP law at a large law firm and later for the computer storage company Western Digital. While at Western Digital, he was asked to lead the company’s ethics and compliance program in Asia and later to build a new corporate sustainability program for the company. At NVIDIA, Josh is pursuing a data-driven approach to sustainability, believing that accurate and credible data is a prerequisite for effectively managing impacts. Josh is also deeply persuaded that technology—especially AI—can play a critical and dramatic role in solving world-scale sustainability challenges.

Recent Events and Presentations

April 24, 2024

Harnessing AI for Carbon Neutrality

Watch now for a panel discussion to explore the current landscape of AI applications in transitioning to a greener economy, identify key areas ripe for further exploration, and discuss actionable policy measures to foster innovation and adoption.

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