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John Zysman



University of California, Berkeley

Professor Zysman has been a member of the University of California, Berkeley faculty since 1974, teaching European politics and political economy, and has been Co-Director of the Berkeley Roundtable on the International Economy (BRIE) since its establishment in 1982. He has written extensively on European and Japanese policy and corporate strategy; his interests also include comparative politics, Western European politics, and political economy.

Dr. Zysman received his B.A. at Harvard and his Ph.D. at MIT. His publications include How Revolutionary Was the Digital Revolution?: National Responses, Market Transitions, And Global Technology (Stanford University Press, forthcoming May 2006); The Highest Stakes: The Economic Foundations of the Next Security System (Oxford University Press, 1992); Manufacturing Matters: The Myth of the Post-Industrial Economy (Basic Books, 1987); and Governments, Markets, and Growth: Financial Systems and Politics of Industrial Change (Cornell University Press, 1983). He has hosted a number of conferences and meetings on issues facing the new “E-conomy,” including a conference in Washington D.C. in September 2000 entitled “The E-Business Transformation: Sector Developments and Policy Implications.” He has also contributed many articles and books to the academic discourse on e-commerce.

Recent Events and Presentations

May 9, 2012

Can Wealthy Countries Stay Rich? Manufacturing and ICT-enabled Services in a Changing Global Economy

Wealthy countries must escape the commodity trap; they cannot compete on the basis of price alone. How has the problem changed?

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