John Broder

John Broder
The New York Times

John M. Broder reports on energy and environment issues for the Washington bureau of The New York Times. He has been a newspaper reporter and photographer since 1973, and has covered local, state and national government, banking defense, intelligence, the White House and numerous political campaigns. In 2007 and 2008, he covered the presidential campaign, travelling extensively with Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton and John McCain. His previous New York Times assignments have included Los Angeles bureau chief, deputy Washington bureau chief and chief White House correspondent. Before joining The Times in 1996, he spent 12 years at the Los Angeles Times in Los Angeles and in Washington. He began his career as a newspaper photographer and has worked for newspapers in Cleveland, Dayton, Detroit, Los Angeles, New York and Washington. He has reported from almost every state and from more than 30 foreign countries. He was a fellow of the French Ministry of Culture in Paris in 1981-82 and has lectured at Yale University, the University of Michigan, the University of Southern California, the University of Western Washington, the State University of New York and several other colleges and universities. A graduate of the University of Michigan, he is married to Karolyn Wallace, a teacher. They have two adult children.

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