Jay F. Whitacre

Jay F. Whitacre
Associate Professor
Carnegie Mellon University

Professor Whitacre examines the materials science of synthesizing, characterizing, and implementing promising materials and device architectures for energy storage and generation technologies such as Li-ion batteries, fuel cells, and photovoltaics. He will concurrently be addressing the policy implications involved with selecting and implementing these renewable technologies. Other research topics include hybrid power systems for distributed and mobile platforms, high throughput materials selection methods, and ultra fast laser modification of materials for solid-state electrochemical devices. Dr. Whitacre holds 5 patents (granted or pending), has authored or co-authored over 20 peer-review journal articles, and has received several awards in his career that include: the MRS Graduate Research Award, fall 1998 (silver medal); 1999 University of Michigan Departmental Graduate Student Research Award, 1999 American Vacuum Society Graduate Research Award (Thin Films Division), the 2001 Norman Hackerman Young Author Award (Electrochemical Society), and multiple JPL and NASA Space Act R&D Awards from 2002 to 2006. ForĀ 

Recent Events and Presentations

December 10, 2014

An expert panel will discuss recent successes and continued challenges to scaling up energy breakthroughs into transformative products.