Elizabeth Noll

Elizabeth Noll
Energy and Environment Consultant
EMN Strategies

Elizabeth Noll is an energy and environmental policy consultant with extensive experience developing policy solutions to address energy system challenges and mitigate climate change. Most recently Noll worked for the Natural Resources Defense Council where she oversaw federal clean energy policy for the building, transportation and power sectors, working with Congress, the administration, and clean energy industry partners. She focused much of her work on improving the energy efficiency in buildings and accelerating the deployment of clean energy resources. Noll worked to advance bipartisan tax credits for critical clean energy technologies as well as defend the clean energy innovation budgets at the Department of Energy, which are both critical for achieving a deeply decarbonized energy future. Prior to joining NRDC, Elizabeth worked on similar issues in private industry and nonprofits, collaborating with utilities and bringing stakeholders together to share energy-saving ideas and solutions. She holds a Master’s of Science in Public Policy from Georgia Institute of Technology.

Recent Publications

December 2, 2019

Tax incentives can play an important role in accelerating the innovations needed for a low-carbon future, but only if the incentives reward innovators rather than support well-entrenched incumbents.

Recent Events and Presentations

December 18, 2019

ITIF hosted a briefing and released a new report on using tax incentives to drive clean energy innovation.