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Ed Rightor


Director, Center for Clean Energy Innovation

Email: [email protected]

Edward Rightor is the Director of the Center for Clean Energy Innovation, which seeks to accelerate the transition of the domestic and global energy systems to low-carbon resources.

Prior to joining ITIF, he was the Director of the Industrial Program for the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy. In that role, Ed developed and lead the strategic vision for the industrial sector, shaped the research and policy agenda, and convened stakeholders to accelerate energy efficiency and carbon emissions reductions.

Prior to that, he worked at Dow Chemical for 31 years in R&D, business, environmental and sustainability roles.

He earned a doctorate in chemistry from Michigan State University and a bachelor of science in chemistry from Marietta College.

Recent Publications

November 14, 2022

Low-Carbon Process Technologies: Key Pieces of the Net-Zero Future

As the Office of Clean Energy Demonstrations seeks to accelerate the deployment of low-carbon technologies, it’s vital that process technology innovation be a significant portion of the portfolio.

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Recent Events and Presentations

November 21, 2022

Clean, Reliable Energy For a Zero-Emissions Future

Ed Rightor gives his presentation, "Inflation Reduction Act and Microgrids", at the Microgrid Consortium.

July 9, 2020

Digitalization: Driving Energy Efficiency for a Connected Future

ITIF hosted a discussion with industry leaders on the role of digitalization in driving energy efficiency gains across the economy, and the release of a new ITIF report assessing the concerns—some legitimate and most not—regarding the energy and environmental impacts of the tech sector.

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