Ed Rightor

Ed Rightor
Director of the Industrial Program

Edward Rightor is the Director of the Industrial Program. Prior to joining ACEEE, Ed worked at Dow Chemical. He earned a doctorate in chemistry from Michigan State University and a bachelor of science in chemistry from Marietta College. He joined ACEEE in June, 2019.

In this role Ed develops and leads the strategic vision for the industrial sector, shapes the research and policy agenda, and convenes stakeholders to accelerate energy efficiency.

Prior to joining ACEEE, held several leadership roles at Dow Chemical during his 31 year career.  Through 2017, he served as the director of strategic projects in Dow’s Environmental Technology Center.  In this role he worked with Dow businesses, operations and corporate groups, to reduce air emissions, waste, freshwater intake, and energy use.  He also served as the facilitator of Dow’s Corporate Water Strategy Team, led teams to establish and pursue Dow’s 2025 Sustainability Goals, including the first ever water goal.  Working across global industrial associations, he spearheaded a roadmap for the chemical industry on paths to reduce energy and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

In prior roles, he developed GHG and energy reduction options across Dow’s global operations and pursued project funding and implementation.  Earlier, he started a new market facing business in the energy sector, led cross-functional teams to optimize processes (six sigma), pioneered technology that led to new materials development, and led teams to troubleshoot production challenges.  

Recent Events and Presentations

July 9, 2020

ITIF hosted a discussion with industry leaders on the role of digitalization in driving energy efficiency gains across the economy, and the release of a new ITIF report assessing the concerns—some legitimate and most not—regarding the energy and environmental impacts of the tech sector.