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Dan Steinbock


Research Director of International Business

India, China & America Institute

Dan Steinbock is Research Director of International Business at the India, China, and America Institute (United States), and Fellow at Shanghai Institutes for International Studies (China), a leading think-tank, where he focuses on China, ASEAN, G20 and the new global political economy. Since 2005, he has focused on the global crisis impact on the G-7 and the BRICs economies, including U.S.-Chinese relations.

Recent Publications

February 9, 2015

American Innovation Under Structural Erosion and Global Pressures

U.S. global innovation leadership is faltering and in danger of flat lining.

November 21, 2014

The Challenges for America’s Defense Innovation

Defense innovation is a key driver of U.S. security and economic competitiveness, however our preeminence in this area is under threat.

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