Chris Bronk

Chris Bronk
Baker Institute fellow in technology, society and public policy
Rice University

Christopher Bronk is the Baker Institute fellow in technology, society and public policy (TSPP). He previously served as a career diplomat with the United States Department of State on assignments both overseas and in Washington, D.C. His last assignment was in the Office of eDiplomacy, the department’s internal think tank on information technology, knowledge management, computer security and interagency collaboration. He also has experience in political affairs, counternarcotics, immigration and U.S.–Mexico border issues. Since arriving at Rice, Bronk has divided his attentions among a number of areas including information security, technology for immigration management, broadband policy, Web 2.0 governance and the militarization of cyberspace. He teaches on the intersection of computing and politics in Rice’s George R. Brown School of Engineering. Bronk has provided commentary for a variety of news outlets including ABC, NPR, the BBC and The Houston Chronicle. His latest research is in the political informatics of transnational terror. Holding a Ph.D. from The Maxwell School of Syracuse University, Bronk also studied international relations at Oxford University and received a bachelor’s degree from the University of Wisconsin–Madison.

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Recent Publications

June 14, 2009

An op-ed in the "Houston Chronicle" arguing that improving cybersecurity will require effort by a broad range of actors from government, academia and the private sector.